Servicing San Diego County
Since 1979

Our Nursery

Landscape Assistance performs green demolition as part of its services. This has led to us acquiring many quality specimen palms throughout the years – palms that are not available for sale at traditional nurseries.

Palms available at our North County-based nursery include: large specimen king palms with 20-foot trunks, queen palms with overall heights of 35 feet, and Phoenix Roebelenii, available in tall single-trunk and multi-trunk specimens. (In the photos, the white PVC pipe along trunks of palms denotes a height of 10 feet.) Our nursery also has an assortment of succulents and a variety of one-of-a-kind plant specimens.

Below are some of the plants we have for sale. If you are interested in pricing and would like to view our nursery, please call us at 760.740.1343.